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SAFETiCETTM (SC-220) Pink, 100s

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SAFETiCETTM safety lancet is a lancing device designed to be simple-to-use, gentle, safe and convenient. Using contact activation, the needle gently pricks the skin and retracts into the device. The used needle rests safely in the device, ensuring hygiene and safety. Feedback from patients are positive and many feel that it is pain-free or less painful*. The SAFETiCETTM requires only 2 simple steps whereas the Universal Lancing devices require up to 13 steps. The SAFETiCETTM is suitable for all ages. It comes in 4 different needle sizes for different skin toughness and thickness.
  • 100 pieces.
  • Needle Thickness and Length: 21G and 2.2mm.
  • Recommended for patients with rougher skin and wish to draw larger amount of blood.
* Data on file
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Manufacturer NSP
Product Type Blood Glucose Monitoring