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Easy and Painless*

SAFETiCETTM, an innovative quality product brought to you by NSP Medicals. The team at NSP has used cutting edge research and technology to develop a single-use contact-activated safety lancet that has been designed and built with "You" in mind. Boasting one of the sleekest design in the market, it is a state of the art capillary blood sampling device. Whether you are a medical practitioner or a patient, SAFETiCETTM 's unique and patented activation mechanism, ensures consistent and controlled penetration to ensure a hassle free and painless* blood sampling experience.

SAFETiCETTM is safe and easy to use. The needle is always encased, deactivates after use and cannot be reused thereby eliminating needle stick injuries and cross contamination risks.

* Data on file

SAFETiCETTM - a local innovation and a proud award recipient of the Singapore President’s Design Award 2016

Currently, generic lancets in the market require the use of a lancing device to prick the finger to obtain a capillary blood sample for self-blood glucose monitoring. Preparing the lancing device requires around 10 steps to complete.

Usage of generic lancets and their lancing devices involves exposed needles, potentially increasing the risk of self-injury and the spread of blood borne diseases. Elderly patients suffering from dexterity problems and/or poorer eyesight will find it challenging to obtain a blood sample and may even risk injuring themselves in the process.

Many diabetic patients have poor compliance in monitoring their own blood glucose levels as generic lancets are painful and uncomfortable to use. In addition, trypanophobia (the fear of needles) further exacerbates the problem to an extent where some patients avoid essential medical care.

SAFETiCETTM was invented as a solution to these negative traits of generic lancets, thereby popularizing its use in the self-monitoring of blood glucose, especially amongst diabetic patients.

SAFETiCETTM employs a novel 2-step operated mechanism that is safe and easy to use. With its patented contact-activated Rotational Trigger Mechanism, SAFETiCETTM reduces the trigger force and vibration of the lancing process, thus minimising tissue trauma and pain for users.

Blood Glucose Monitoring
Can Be So Much Easier


  • As easy as Twist & Push (please view instructions for use).
  • No need for lancing device. No pre-loading or pre-arming required.
  • Intuitive to use. Suitable for both young and old.


  • Obtain the same amount of blood with significantly less pain.
  • Patented technology reduces triggering force, sound and vibration.
  • Ultra-sharp high quality German-made needles reduce tissue damage and pain.


  • Automatic sharps retraction system prevents needle from being exposed after use.

Contact Activation

  • Consistent penetration depth.
  • Eliminates the likelihood of having to repeat the procedure.


  • World’s smallest safety lancets.
  • Bring it with you anytime, anywhere.

Maximum Comfort, Minimum Pain

SAFETiCETTM lancets were featured at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) congress in 2012 and 2013. At the event, congress delegates were asked to try the SAFETiCETTM and give their feedback. A total of 61 people participated in 2012 and 75 in 2013. An overwhelming majority of delegates preferred SAFETiCETTM over existing products and felt less pain with compared to existing products*.

* Data on file

2012 November
American Diabetes Association (Chicago)
Number who like/prefer SAFETiCETTM^ over existing products
In ascending order - on a scale of 0 - 10, average pain-level using existing products
In ascending order - on a scale of 0 - 10, average pain-level using SAFETiCETTM^

^ SAFETiCETTM MODEL: SC-180 ^ n=61

2013 March
American Diabetes Association (New York)
Number who like/prefer SAFETiCETTM^ over existing products
In ascending order - on a scale of 0 - 10, average pain-level using existing products
In ascending order - on a scale of 0 - 10, average pain-level using existing products

^ SAFETiCETTM MODEL: SC-180 ^ n=75

Instruction For Use

Clean the puncture site with alcohol swab.

Remove the protective cap by twisting 90 degrees from the SAFETiCETTM.

Place the RED end of the SAFETiCETTM on the fingertip. Gently push against the fingertip to activate the lancet mechanism.

Relax the finger after lancing. Then gently massage until a drop of blood appears.

Patients’ Testimonials

One small needle, one huge difference

"I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1987. Proper management of diabetes comprises primarily four things: right diet, appropriate and regular physical exercise, medication, and self-monitoring of blood sugar. I did everything except monitor my blood sugar regularly. Instead, I monitored my sugar level using ‘Diastix’, a test strip which tests for sugar in the urine. My doctor warned me that testing sugar in the urine is not an effective way to help me in managing my diabetes. I didn’t monitor my blood sugar because it involves pricking my fingers a couple of times a day. Like most people, I was afraid of the pain. The short-cut was not helpful, and consequently I failed to maintain my blood sugar level within healthy range. It was when my HbA1c consistently showed unacceptable readings of over 8 that I realised I was not managing my blood sugar well.

Then I discovered this wonderful lancet, SAFETiCETTM, produced by NSP Tech Pte Ltd. This miraculous lancet makes a painless prick to produce a tiny drop of blood sufficient for the blood sugar to be measured. I started using these painless lancets and the companion measuring strips and device to keep track of my blood sugar regularly before and after meals. Within 8 weeks of monitoring my blood sugar, my HbA1c test result improved dramatically to an acceptable 6.9. The positive test results and the improvement in my blood sugar management motivate me to continue to use the painless SAFETiCETTM lancets in my daily blood sugar tests. They are easy to use, painless, and cheaper than similar products in the market. One small needle, one huge difference!"

K H Eric Sim,
Retired Lawyer, Singapore

Patients’ Testimonials

One small needle, one huge difference

"From my experience in using TRUEresultTM glucometer as a first timer I find that I can really rely and trust in the results of my blood glucose test. The yellow SAFETiCETTM needles are indeed painless and easy to use. Both the machine and the needles have no complications in using.

I recommended the machine to 2 of my siblings who are also diagnosed with diabetes. They agreed that it’s good and easy to use and very convenient to carry thus willing to start monitoring their own blood glucose.

It’s truly very simple and user friendly. Even a 12 year old kid, just by glancing at the picture instructions can help their parents in using the machine. I strongly recommend this product to those who needed it. TRUEresultTM glucometer is a trustworthy product to use especially with the painless needles it’s truly perfect!"

Cheryl Png Yan San