“As a diabetic patient, I worry about being infected with the (COVID-19) virus.”

Member A

“Please ensure members can obtain diabetic-related consumables like alcohol swabs, needles, test strips and sanitizers.”

Member B

These are some of the fears mentioned by members of Diabetes Singapore. A recent survey conducted by Diabetes Singapore on its 3200 members, which consists mainly of persons with diabetes and their caregivers, shows that as much as 25% indicated the COVID-19 virus outbreak is affecting their lives and diabetes management. On top of the fear of contracting the virus, our members are also concerned about the inconvenience, if not, the inability to go for regular screenings and purchase diabetic-related consumables such as alcohol swabs, needles, lancets, test strips and sanitizers during this COVID-19 outbreak period.

With little surprise, our survey results are aligned with the compounded worries of the general diabetic population recently mentioned by Minister Chan Chun Sing and in the news (MustShareNews.com, 5 Feb 2020; Straits Times, 8 Feb 2020).


Active Diabetes Management Affected during COVID-19 Outbreak

Diabetes is a severe chronic medical condition and requires an active diabetes management process. Once diagnosed, persons with diabetes must make a drastic change to their diet and lifestyle. More importantly, they must monitor their blood glucose level, which requires pricking a finger using a lancet and a lancing device and injecting insulin with a needle. Both processes require alcohol swabs for disinfection.  Regular screenings are important because complications from diabetes may sometimes take years to show. Failing to actively manage diabetes may place persons with diabetes at risk of diabetes-related complications such as developing kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, and nerve damage.

Currently, we have over 440,000 persons living with Diabetes in Singapore, and one out of three does not know they have diabetes. If medical necessities required by the diabetic community are not systematically managed and made available to those whose lives depended on them, the outbreak may potentially create a secondary-level impact on specific high-risk groups such as that of the diabetic community.


Alleviation of Worries: Distribution of Free Diabetes-related Consumables

In partnership with Aeras Medical, Diabetes Singapore will be distributing packs of alcohol swabs and lancets. Details as follows:

Items Available for Collection:

400 packs, each consisting of 10 Glucopro alcohol swabs and 1 SAFETiCET 10s (Yellow) safety lancet.

Items are kindly sponsored by Aeras Medical Pte Ltd.

Distribution Period:

17 Feb 2020 (Monday) to 29 Feb 2020 (Saturday)

9.00am to 5.00pm, whilst stocks last.

Collection Points:

Diabetes Singapore Head Office

528 Jurong West Street 52, #01-353, Singapore 640526

Diabetes Singapore Branch Office

22 Boon Keng Road, #01-15, Singapore 330022

Mobile Screening Buses

For locations of our two mobile buses, please call 6564 9818 in advance to enquire.

Target Audience:

(1)  Members of Diabetes Singapore;

(2)  Persons with diabetes who are non-members – please bring your NRIC and doctor’s letter or any other document that shows you are person with diabetes.

Public-Private Sector Partnership between Diabetes Singapore and Aeras Medical

The public-private sector partnership between Diabetes Singapore and Aeras Medical is a timely one, indeed. As the team at Diabetes Singapore conducted a survey to understand the impact COVID-19 outbreak has on its members and their diabetes management process, Aeras Medical responded swiftly to partner Diabetes Singapore to meet the needs and support the diabetic community during this time of need.

When asked about Aeras Medical’s intention to sponsor the diabetes-related consumables (details of sponsorship will be provided when requested), this healthcare company dedicated to bringing innovative medical technologies and services to people in Asia said that they were heartbroken as they read about the diabetic patient who went to pharmacies to buy alcohol swabs and coming out disappointed after being told that alcohol swabs were out of stock. The team at Aeras Medical felt that they should step up and help to alleviate the situation during these challenging times.


“Life is precious, and it can be taken away anytime. When I received a second lease of life after surviving a full-blown heart attack at 41 years old, it dawned on me that I may have a destiny, and that is to help more people. As someone with Type 2 diabetes, I am able to relate to fellow Singaporeans with diabetes and their struggles in maintaining active diabetes management during this period. Coupled with my extensive experience in infectious disease control, I believe I can do more and serve more people in the diabetic community. This is why Aeras Medical decided to partner with Diabetes Singapore and do whatever we can to support the diabetic community during this trying period.”                                                          

Ms. Linbert Lim,

Business Development Director, Aeras Medical


“Screenings save lives, and so does having ready access to diabetic-related consumables such as alcohol swabs, lancets, and needles. For persons with diabetes, actively managing this lifelong condition can mean that that diabetes becomes a lifestyle rather than an illness. It may not be the chosen lifestyle, but it can make a person with diabetes healthier in many ways than he or she would have been otherwise. Therefore, we are thankful for Aeras Medical to partner us in making the lives of the diabetic community in Singapore as normal as possible in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr. George Lee,

  Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore


Interviews with Mr. George Lee and Ms. Linbert Lin can be arranged with prior notice.


For media enquiries, please contact:

 Vanessa Tan

PR and Communications Consultant

Diabetes Singapore

T: +65 9018 0171

E: Vanessa.Tan@diabetes.org.sg




Diabetes Singapore is a charity formed in 1971 with IPC status.  It is affiliated to the International Diabetes Federation and the National Council of Social Service. Formerly known as the Diabetic Society of Singapore, the organisation provides health screenings, counselling and support to people with diabetes and their families as well as education to the wider community in order to empower Singaporeans to lead a healthy and productive life.

Diabetes Singapore is the only registered charity dedicated to the fight against diabetes. It provides subsidized clinical services including diabetes complications screenings to more than 3000 persons with diabetes and has touched the lives of more than 9,000 people through outreach and programmes.

Find out more at www.diabetes.org.sg.



Aeras Medical is a healthcare company dedicated to discovering and bringing innovative medical technologies and services to people in Asia. With our founders having a combined experience of more than 50 years working in various medical fields such as infection control and sterilization technologies, anaesthesia, renal and liver dialysis, clinical diagnostics and medical imaging, our company has a very deep insight and strong understanding of the healthcare industry.

Growing up during Singapore’s transformation from a third world to first world nation, our founders have lived through and faced the same challenges as the local community. As such, our company’s goal is to help in our humble way and contribute back to the community by driving for changes in our health system towards a “Cheaper, Better, Faster” outcome.

Find out more at www.aerasmedical.com.