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Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Premier system employs CodeSensTM technology, a no-coding system that simplifies diabetes testing. It eliminates the coding step and expedites the testing procedure when a new vial of test strips is used. The Premier device features a large, backlit display to facilitate reading with the possibility of meal marking (fasting, pre-meal, post-meal) for greater usability. Premier when paired with the SmartLog Software, provides enhanced data management capability which allows you to easily download your glucose results from your meter to a computer or mobile device wirelessly. With CoreSignalTM technology, Premier’s accuracy is promised over a wide hematocrit range. When you combine Premier’s proven accuracy with its economical cost, Premier definitely has one of the best value in the market. You can be assured of Premier’s proven performance and value.


  • No coding – eliminates a step that can lead to inaccurate results
  • Wide hematocrit range : 15 – 65%
  • Results as fast as 5 seconds – means virtually no time waiting
  • Tiny, 0.4uL sample size – less blood means less painful testing
  • 6.5cm Backlit Display – for easy viewing of test results
  • 1,000 Test Memory – includes time/date and 1, 7, 14, 30, 90 days averaging of total, pre-meal, post-meal, fasting glucose levels
  • 3 testing reminder alarms and PP2 (post-meal) alarm – help promote testing compliance
  • Hypoglycemic alarm – prompts medical assistance as appropriate
  • Strip release button – eliminates handling of strips after testing
  • Bluetooth enabled – wireless transfer of glucose information to mobile device
  • Data management capability – download tool for better diabetes management
  • Long open vial expiry ; follows expiry date indicated on the vial

CodeSensTM Technology

CodeSensTM Technology is a patented no-coding technology. It is the most accurate system among the different kinds of no-coding technologies available in the world. CodeSensTM  allows glucose meter to automatically recognize the code number of each glucose strip so that users can get the most reliable and accurate results.

CoreSignalTM Technology

CoreSignalTM Technology is an electrochemical signal processing technology developed for accurate blood glucose value with wider hematocrit range using Cyclic Voltammetry.

Premier Test Strips

CodeSensTM technology eliminates coding of the meter which can lead to inaccurate results.

  • Code is assigned during manufacturing process
  • Code is printed onto end of test strip
  • Meter reads code on insertion
  • Fill window ensures adequate blood sample, preventing false starts and erroneous results
  • Pointed inlet to allow for precise sampling
  • Long open vial expiry ; follows expiry date indicated on the vial


Diabetes Management App

SmartLog is the latest version of our software which allows you to download your glucose results from your Premier meter. It is the easiest way to see how the choices you make each day affect your glucose levels with trend statistics and comparison graphs.

Track All Essentials in One Place

Blood Glucose, food, activity all in one place

  • Blood glucose value
  • Meal flagging
  • Meal photo
  • Carbs
  • Insulin
  • Medication
  • Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Exercise
  • Notes

Your Data at Your Fingertips

Trend tracking & review data history

  • Trend Chart

  • Statistics Dashboard

  • Logbook

Share Glucose Data Anytime

Send Email & Auto-generated texts in real time

GLUCOPRO Alcohol Prep Pads 100s

Antiseptic for preparation of skin prior to injection. For individual, professional or hospital use. Saturated with 70% V/V Isopropyl Alcohol. For external use only.

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: Alcohol Prep Pads

Antiseptic for preparation of skin prior to injection and prior to lancing (for self monitoring of blood glucose). For individual, professional or hospital use. Saturated with 70% V/V Isopropyl Alcohol. For external use only.

Manufactured in an ISO13485 compliant organization. Product is CE certified.

Product Support

  • 1.  What is the Premier Alpha Blood Glucose Testing System?

    Used to test blood glucose levels, the Premier Alpha is our newest no coding advanced technology meter. Our Premier Alpha system is perfect for patients with all types of diabetes.

  • 2.  What is superior about the Premier Alpha system?

    The Premier system boasts no coding technology with features such as tiny sample size of 0.4uL, capable 1,000 test results memory with date and time, long open vial expiry date (follows the expiry date indicated on the vial) to name a few.

  • 3.  What is no coding?

    The Premier system utilizes CodeSensTM technology, which does not require users to perform an extra step to match up your meter with your test strips. Just insert a strip and test.

  • 4.  What strips do I use for the Premier Alpha meter?

    Premier Alpha meters use Premier Test Strips only.

  • 5. How do I set up my Premier meter?

    See instructional video or refer to your owner’s booklet included with your meter. Any further queries, kindly direct them to Aeras Medical.

  • 6.  How do I calibrate my Premier meter?

    The meter is factory calibrated. An automatic self-test ensures that the meter is working correctly.

  • 7.  How do I use my Premier system?

    See instructional video or refer to your owner’s booklet included with your meter. Any further queries, kindly direct them to Aeras Medical.

  • 8. Can the Premier system be used to test on alternative test sites?

    Yes. Premier is suitable for fingertip and forearm testing.

  • 9. Are special lancets required when testing with the Premier meter?

    No. We recommend the GentiLance single-use sterile safety lancets for greater comfort and control. Kindly view Resources for instructional videos on how to use GentiLance and the Premier lancing device.

  • 10. I am on peritoneal dialysis, can I use this meter?

    No. Certain sugars in your treatment therapies may affect your blood glucose results. Peritoneal dialysis patients should not use the Premier system. Any further queries, kindly direct them to Aeras Medical.

  • 11.  Are there any other conditions where this Blood Glucose System may not be suitable?

    Yes. If you are receiving injections or infusion of solution containing xylose (includes some human immunoglobulin preparations), you should not use the Premier system. Please consult your instructions for use under Page 57 of your owner’s booklet.

  • 12. Does the Premier meter have memory? Does the meter store my results?

    Yes. The Premier has a 1,000-test memory with date and time and uploading capability. We also feature meal-marking where users may indicate the parameters of the glucose measurement (fasting, pre-meal, post-meal).

  • 13.  Can I upload my meter data into the data management software?

    Yes. Premier meter uses SmartLog Diabetes Management Software featured both on mobile phones and PCs. The Alpha boasts seamless wireless transfer of glucose information onto the mobile interface for easy viewing. Alternatively, follow the link to download the software on PC or to request the software on CD. For data transfer to PC, a cable may be purchased separately.

  • 14.  What kind of battery does the Premier meter use?

    The Premier meter uses 2 Non-rechargeable 3V lithium batteries (#CR2032).