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3D Nano

YAMASHIN Nano Filter ™ Opens Up Infinite Possibilites of Filtration

Why is Ultimate Yamashin Filter Mask so special ?

High capacity, Ultra-fine filtration, Unobstructed breathing capabilities

Yamashin-Filter Corp. has developed a unique specialized mask using Nano fibers manufactured by their patented production process. The filter provides protection from invisible airborne particles , allowing the user to breathe comfortably for long period of time while maintaining excellent filtration performance.

It is capable of filtering out harmful microparticulate matter such as PM2.5 and viruses. Most disposable non-woven masks cannot achieve this performance and offers no protection to the user.

As leading expert in the filtration industry, Yamashin is currently supplying 70% of Japanese construction machinery sector with filters and advanced filtration technology.

With this unique technology and 65 years of R&D experience, they are using the filters for Medical grade mask production during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Like a breath of Fresh Air in a Green Forest"

Having originally developed filtration technology for construction machinery, YAMASHIN filters collect Nano-sized particles. Our YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ maintains high efficiency for a long time so oil can pass through freely, lubricating and protecting the machinery.

Filtration Performance of Ultimate Yamashin Filter versus Disposable Mask and Cloth Mask

Disposable mask is only good for blocking bacteria for general hygiene purposes. They do not filter out nano-level particulate contamination. Thus, unable to filter out fine dust and viruses over a sustained period.

Ultimate Yahashin Filter Mask is made of finest Nano fibers and can effectively blocked off smallest particles such as dust, pollen and viruses from entering the respiratory system..

Features & Benefits

The ability to stop invisible contaminates using a multilayer 3D filtration system

The synthetic fibers in conventional disposable masks use a rough mesh to trap dust and viruses using an electrostatic charge. YAMASHIN masks use complex technology featuring Nano level three-dimensional structures providing superb filtration performance. By weaving Nano fibers using their patented technology, Yamashin masks can trap viruses more consistently over long periods of time. This Nanotechnology, developed by YAMASHIN, is so effective that it can be used in the medical field.

Comparison of Collection on Differing Structures

Performance Degradation over 24 hours

* Based on in-house evaluation results (measurement: particles 0.3 μm)

Mask users are kept safe and protected with performance lasting over 24 hours

Most commercially available masks use static electricity to capture dust and viruses. Due to the buildup of moisture within these masks, performance drastically decreases over time. Yamashin research has shown that their mask performance can be degraded up to 65% over a 24-hour period. This is made possible as Yamashin masks rely on fibers that capture particles on a Nano level, filtration performance is only decreased by 9% over the same period of time.

Yamashin Filter Mask can be reused up to 5-times after washing with uncompromised performance

General non-woven disposable masks that rely on electrostatic charge have lower initial capture efficiency. Prolonged use and/or exposure to moisture in exhaled air further degrades their performance. In contrast, YAMASHIN Filter Mask exhibits minimal deterioration in capture performance. It maintains 97% of its performance even after being hand-washed using a pressing motion five times. Instead of relying on static electricity, it relies on its physical structure, a high-density structure with innumerable tiny voids, to capture nano-scale particles.

PFE Performance Test Conducted by Japan KAKEN Test Centre

PFE of Yamashin Filter Mask when first opened : 99%
PFE of Yamashin Filter Mask after repeated 5-time washing : 97%

YAMASHIN filter masks and sheets are 100% made in Japan by a company established for over 65 years"

Around 80% of the general masks currently sold in Japan are produced overseas, which can lead to supply and quality issues. 100% of YAMASHIN filter masks and sheets are produced domestically at our their factory in Saga prefecture. With their state-of-the-art machinery, and experience in manufacturing high performance filters for construction machinery, Yamashin have realized the distinguished production system of high grade nanofiber to meet a strict quality control standards.

YAMASHIN Nano Filter™ Performance Comparison

The performance test carried out by the YAMASHIN R&D development division proves the ability of masks to prevent fine dust passing through the filter.
Performance of YAMASHIN products were compared with those of other available brands. (April 26th, 2020)

Filter Mask
N95 Mask*1 Disposable Mask Cloth Mask
1000x Magnification
Sample 1 Mask Only
Result 1 Almost
to dust
to dust
to dust
to dust
Sample 2 Mask

Filter Sheet
Result 2 Almost
to dust
to dust
to dust
to dust

*1 The "N95 Mask" is a mask that has been certified and meets the standards set by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (more than 95% of 0.3 μm particles are captured)

Video: Demonstrating how well dust blown into each mask was filtered out.

Implementation conditions: Diameter: 1 μm, Wind speed: 2.6 m/s (Adult breath speed: 10 m/s), Dust composition: Smoke dust created by vaporizing glycol with heat.

YAMASHIN Filter Mask – 5 pack

A high-performance mask using synthetic polymer nanofibers
(YAMASHIN Nano Filter™)