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Why is Ultimate Yamashin Filter Mask so special ?

Zexeed—a next-generation mask that challenges the existing world standards*2. This mask has all three major filter features that Yamashin-Filter Corp. as filtration specialists deem essential.

High filtration performance

The proprietary nanofiber mask filter provides secure protection.

Secure fit and sealing

A unique three-dimensional pleated mask shape*4 achieves secure fit and sealing.

Ease of breathing

The unique three-dimensional pleated mask shape*4 also provides the space needed for effortless breathing.

Yamashin-Filter Corp. proprietary nanofiber mask filter*3 achieves capture and filtration efficiency equivalent to medical grade*1 masks. The unique three dimensional pleated shape*4 delivers the features of secure fit and sealing and ease of breathing.

*1 “Medical grade” refers to a mask grade meeting the N95 standard set by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This standard is cited in the Guideline on Maintenance of Medical Equipment and Materials in Medical Systems for new influenza and other infectious diseases,” issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as one of effective mask standards.The results of PFE tests by the Kaken Test Center, equivalent to NIOSH, demonstrate that the filtration performance of YAMASHIN filter masks is comparable to that of N95 masks.
*2 YAMASHIN aims to establish new "world standards" deemed essential for the next-generation of masks, achieved through their design.
*3 Patent acquired
*4 Patent pending

Three features of the high performance mask, Zexeed, protect against COVID-19 and the haze, created by combining proprietary technologies and 70 years of experience as filtration specialists

High filtration performance

Yamashin-Filter Corp. proprietary nanofiber mask filter blocks 99% of fine particles measuring 0.1 µm.*5

The filter material used in general non-woven disposable masks is made of fibers with a diameter of around 3 µm and has a relatively flat shape. In contrast, YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™*3 is made of nanofibers with a diameter ranging from 0.1 to 0.8 µm intertwined three-dimensionally. Voids between those fibers are extremely small, measuring tens of nanometers in diameter. So YAMASHIN filter masks made with YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ effectively capture extremely small particles. We refer to these masks as the ultimate YAMASHIN Filter Mask™.

*3 Patent acquired
*5 PFE test (Implemented by the Kaken Test Center, a General Incorporated Foundation)

YAMASHIN Filter Mask capture efficiency

Decorative and cloth masks cannot provide fine particulate filtration comparable to YAMASHIN Filter Mask.
A filter’s capture efficiency determines mask performance.

The general non-woven disposable masks made by other companies can’t capture fine particles via their physical structures. Instead, they rely on static electricity. But moisture weakens static electricity. Exposure to moisture in exhaled air neutralizes most static charge and weakens capture performance accordingly. Rather than relying on static electricity, YAMASHIN NANO FILTER™ captures fine particles through structural properties (its high-density structure). That means it retains nearly all of its capture performance even after repeated handwashing.

Sustained capture efficiency

Sustained capture performance protects loved ones 24/7.

General non-woven disposable masks that rely on electrostatic charge have lower initial capture efficiency. Prolonged use and/or exposure to moisture in exhaled air further degrades their performance. In contrast, YAMASHIN Filter Mask™ exhibits minimal deterioration in capture performance. It maintains 97% of its performance even after being hand-washed using a pressing motion five times. Instead of relying on static electricity, it relies on its physical structure, a high-density structure with innumerable tiny voids, to capture nano-scale particles.

Secure fit and sealing

Improved fit and sealing effectively blocks fine particles.

The unique three-dimensional pleated design developed based on numerous experiments and tests, significantly improves fit and sealing to achieve a higher face-to-mask contact ratio than traditional pleated masks and effectively blocks the intrusion of virus droplet particles and other fine particles.

Zexeed fit and sealing

The unique three dimensional pleated shape significantly enhances fit and sealing!

Measuring air particles that leak through the mask filter onto the face shows leakage ratios of the cloth masks and general non-woven disposal masks of 100% and 60%, respectively, whereas Zexeed achieves a low leakage ratio of 10%.

Ease of breathing

Despite the high density structure, the filtration material allows effortless breathing for use over extended periods.

The unique three-dimensional shape touches the skin only at the edges of the mask, minimizing contact with skin, make-up smudging, and other annoyances. The mask shape provides plenty of space around the mouth and nose, leaving more room to breathe. The expanded filter surface area increases breathability to allow more air to flow in and out.

100% produced in Japan

Japanese production ensures reliable supply and product quality.

Some 80% of masks currently available in Japan are manufactured overseas.*6 The YAMASHIN Filter Mask™ is manufactured at their own factories in Saga, Osaka, and Hokkaido prefectures in Japan. For 70 years, we’ve set the standard as filtration specialists in developing filtration products and technologies. We’ve drawn on their industry-leading filtration technologies to develop the YAMASHIN Filter Mask™. From design to manufacture to sales, their laboratories and factories in Japan control all aspects of product quality to deliver high quality Japanese products end users can use without worry.

*6 Source: Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association (Reproduction Permission No. 210)

Yamashin Filter Mask Zexeed – 3 pack

This next-generation mask, made using our proprietary nanofiber filter material, meets three requirements we consider essential for masks:
(1) high filtration performance
(2) secure fit and sealing
(3) ease of breathing

The mask can be reused after hand-washing with gentle downward motions.