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GentiLanceTM (GL-23-18T) Grey, 100s

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GentiLanceTM (GL-23-18T) Grey, 100s

: Pricking your finger can be easy

Having to prick your fingers everyday can be a chore. And you wished it could be simpler and with less pain. It is possible with GentiLanceTM, designed and built with you in mind.
  • GentiLance™ is safe, gentle and easy to use for both professionals and patients with its unique technology.
  • GentiLance™ is able to provide consistent penetration depth and reduced triggering force, sound and vibration giving you same amount of blood each time with significantly less pain.

: Features

Simply Gentle

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of handling
  • High quality tri-bevel needle with optimum speed penetration

: Benefits

1. Safe

  • Automatic sharps retraction system prevents needle from being exposed after use
  • Most suitable for daily self monitoring of blood glucose testing

2. Gentle

  • Unique technology reduces triggering force, sound and vibration
  • Obtain the same amount of blood with significantly less pain

3. Contact Activation

  • Consistent penetration depth

4. Easy

  • Twist and push
  • No lancing device required
  • No pre-loading or pre-arming required

: Various needle size and penetration depth to suit your different needs