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Nipro Premier Starter Pack (Meter + 50s TS)

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Nipro Premier Starter Pack (Meter + 50s TS)
The Diabetes Starter Pack includes everything you need for self-monitoring of blood glucose.
The Diabetes Starter Pack consists of 
  • x1 set of Nipro Premier Alpha Blood Glucose Meter​
  • x1 boxes Premier Blood Glucose Test Strips 50s​
Features of Bluetooth Blood Glucose Monitoring system
  • ISO 15197:2015 compliance and HSA registered (Registration No.: DE0502896)
  • Bluetooth enabled – wireless transfer of glucose information to diabetes management software SmartLog
  • Trend and graphs can be shared with the care team instantly and remotely
  • Test Strips have no coding required technology
  • Only a small, 0.4 microlitre blood sample is required to be detected by the sensor with high accuracy
  • Test strips with long open vial expiry ; follows expiry date indicated on the vial

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